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We are a Master Franchisor of the ActionCOACH Business. Located in Las Vegas, NV, we have over 1,000 territories in over 30 states, and we are looking for Franchise Partners to help us with the vision of “Having a coach in every business.” ActionCoach United also known as ActionCOACH OneCo, LLC is owned by Brad Sugars.

ActionCOACH Then

Brad Sugars wanted business owners to implement the strategies he taught – but time restraints meant that he could not service the demand. It was then that he realized that the missing component between knowledge and implementation was coaching– and his company Action International (now known as ActionCOACH) was born. Brad Sugars started his business coaching company in Brisbane, Australia hiring and training business coaches to leverage his time and to help as many businesses as possible.

After several years, yet again demand exceeded supply and he realized the only way to truly leverage his time and to provide coaching to as many businesses as possible was to franchise his concept. Franchising not only afforded a pathway to international expansion, it also allowed his business coaches to own their very own business.

ActionCOACH Now

In 2006, Brad Sugars returned to the company as CEO to guide it through an expanded period of growth and the challenge of changing economic conditions world-wide. Using the coaching strategies that have helped thousands of companies around the world, Brad Sugars and his executive team helped lead ActionCOACH and its coaches to some of its most profitable and best years ever … in the face of challenging economic conditions.

Today, ActionCOACH operates in over 80 countries and has more than 1,000 business coaches around the world, coaching 20,000 business every week. The franchise has received numerous awards including Fastest Growing Franchise, Franchisee Satisfaction, Best Overall Company and has been named the number one business coaching franchise in the world every year since 2004.

Brad Sugars continues to remain as Founder and Chairman and President of ActionCOACH, and he and his team are taking “business re-education” to new, more innovative and exciting levels. In doing so, he continues to guide ActionCOACH, its franchisees and its clients to ever greater achievement and success. This post pandemic Economy is a perfect time to own an ActionCOACH Firm because of all the obvious resonsons we see everyday.

How We Conduct Business During Covid-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have dedicated ourselves to doing business as safe as possible. The safest possible way is doing everything virtually, but as restrictions have eased, we also can meet with you if we are within traveling distance.

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