Action Coach Franchise Cost?

ActionCOACH has been around since 1993 and started franchising in 1997. Started by Australian entrepreneur, Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH now is in 80+ countries, has 1,000+ Coaches, and is expanding more and more in the United States.

What is the Action Coach Franchise cost? is one of the questions most will want to know for obvious reasons, but first you have to understand what you are investing in.

action coach franchise cost

The Firm Model

ActionCOACH established this franchising opportunity for the real Entrepreneur who is looking for endless growth. Your ActionCOACH Firm will be the dominant business coach in your exclusive territory and community.  As a Firm franchise owner, you can hire an infinite number of coaches to service your region or territories, allowing you to expand swiftly and efficiently.

Your company will operate in a DDMA. This DDMA establishes your firm as the only ActionCOACH business coach in the area. Your territory will have 10,000 SMEs (Small to medium enterprises). Territories are statistically drawn to provide a suitable mix of employee-based businesses and solo operators.  Businesses will pay a monthly retainer for the selected services in advance and typically remain clients for many months and/or years.  

Start-Up & Operational Costs

Liquid Capital Required: $75,000 Net Worth Required: $125,000 Investment: $125,000 – $300,000 FranchiseFee: $70,000 Royalty: 10.0% Units in Operation: 1,047 Founded: 1993 Franchising Since: 1997.

action coach franchise cost

Liquid Capital

Liquid capital is a measure of the financial resources you have to invest in a franchise. It is the value of your cash, stocks, bonds, and any additional cash like securities that you could readily invest or use as backing to acquire financing. There are minimum requirements because franchisors want to make sure you can acquire necessary financing.

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee is the initial fee you must pay directly to the franchise to become a franchise owner. It is only part of the initial costs and does not cover costs such as the location build out, supplies, and marketing costs. Many franchises offer discounts to the franchise fee in certain cases, such as for multi-unit purchases or for veterans looking to become franchise owners.

Revenue Streams

You can realistically make back your initial investment back within the first 12-18 months. You can charge for example; $450/hr per client and have a monthly retainer. You can serve as many Clients as you want within your territory for as long as they want.

The best part about an ActionCOACH Firm is you will be able to Hire coaches and a team to duplicate your efforts, just like any other business that can operate without the owner(s). You also have the ability to purchase more territories close by to grow your reach in your region. 

Overall, an ActionCOACH Firm has a short sales cycle that quickly builds upon itself without the need of managing an inventory, a large complex, or the handling of receivables, so you can maintain a high profit margin.

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