The Best Business Coaching Franchise Opportunities

The Best Business Coaching Franchise Opportunities should check a few boxes that we consider essential for anyone investing in this industry. Today’s Economy is forcing many to pivot their business models, scrap their current ones and just start new, or go back to being an Employee. This is the current reality for many in this Post Pandemic Economy.

Business Coaching is a 2 billion dollar industry and growing but not all Business Coaching Opportunities are created equal. You see, many opportunities are just basically offering “another job”. Here are 3 things you should look for in a Business Coaching Opportunity after 2022.

Make Sure It’s Actually a Business

A Business should be able to operate on its own eventually without the day to day involvement of the founder. This doesn’t mean the founder is not participating, but it means he/she has people and processes in place to handle things like Marketing, Sales, Coaching, Admin, etc..

The Founder can focus more time on trying to scale the business. Tasks that will yield the most profit for the business, basically operating and looking at the bigger picture while still being concerned about the current picture. Below are 2 pictures of the Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.

Business Coaching Franchise
Business Coaching Franchise
Most Business Coaching Franchise Opportunities stop at the “S” quadrant. This means you own a job and not a business.

Pay attention to the “S” and the “B” Quadrants in these two pictures. You can start a business but still have a job. What I mean is you are doing EVERYTHING, and even working more hours than you did as an Employee. This is normal and a phase that every business owner goes through when they start their own business, but should only be a phase.

Is it Scalable?

The ability to expand your business is very important. There should be no ceiling to how much you can earn. You should be able to buy additional territories and expand your reach to a variety of industries.

Is it Recession Proof?

Will the business be effected during a down Economy? Can the business actually thrive during a recession? with the recent lockdowns these past few years, will the business be locked down because it has a physical brick & Mortar location?

The ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise fits the bill when it comes to the “3 things” you should look for when looking for a Business Coaching Franchise to Invest in. Founded in 1993 by Australian business man Brad Sugars, and Started franchising in 1997, ActionCOACH has become the worlds #1 Business Coaching Franchise. With a presence in 80+ countries and 1,000+ Franchises.

As an ActionCOACH Franchisee, you will own a business for yourself but not by yourself. Training will be provided, the business doesn’t carry any inventory, you can buy adjacent territories if you want to and are ready to scale your operation. You can hire a team to run your day to day because the earning potential is unlimited.

Listen to what Tom, a current ActionCOACH Firm owner, has to say about his experience starting and operating his business. He came from the finance world and wanted to do something different.

If you are interested in learning more, scroll down to the bottom page to fill out the form. This is the first step to own your own franchise. ActionCOACH has a lower capital investment compared to any other franchise in this industry and overall.

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