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What We Offer

As a Firm franchise owner you’ll focus on creating customized coaching programs that build core competencies and leadership in the organizations you and your team develop.  You’ll give seminars, workshops, and training to clients and prospects.  As it expands, you and your team will be able to learn the newest trends, methodologies, and development strategies using the proven ActionCOACH system. Our system is always growing and expanding to suit the needs of the worldwide business community.

The Firm

A lifetime investment, ActionCOACH established this franchising opportunity for the real Entrepreneur looking for endless growth. Your ActionCOACH Firm will be the dominant business coach in your exclusive territory and community.  As a Firm franchise owner, you can engage an infinite number of coaches to service your region or territories, allowing you to expand swiftly and efficiently.

Your company will operate in a DDMA. This DDMA establishes your firm as the only ActionCOACH business coach in the area. Your territory will have 10,000 SMEs (Small to medium enterprise). Territories are statistically drawn to provide a suitable mix of employee-based enterprises and solo operators.  Businesses will pay a monthly retainer for the selected services in advance and typically remain clients for many months and years.  

Best of all, you can focus on your favorite operations. Develop a team, generate leads, or coach clients.  Your vision will drive growth and expansion. You’ll construct a valuable asset you can sell or pass down.

Start-Up & Operational Costs

Liquid Capital Required: $75,000
Net Worth Required: $125,000
Investment: $125,000 – $300,000
Franchise Fee: $70,000
Royalty: 10.0%
Units in Operation: 1,047
Founded: 1993
Franchising Since: 1997

Liquid capital is a measure of the financial resources you have to invest in a franchise. It is the value of your cash, stocks, bonds, and any additional cash like securities that you could readily invest or use as backing to acquire financing. There are minimum requirements because franchisors want to make sure you can acquire necessary financing.

The franchise fee is the initial fee you must pay directly to the franchise to become a franchise owner. It is only part of the initial costs and does not cover costs such as the location build out, supplies, and marketing costs. Many franchises offer discounts to the franchise fee in certain cases, such as for multi-unit purchases or for veterans looking to become franchise owners.

action coach franchise cost

Revenue Streams

The main revenue stream, outside of the hourly model, is the Membership Model. Within Your territory or If you own multiple territories, it takes about 80-85 local businesses members to have a $1,000,000/Year business.

The best part about being an ActionCOACH Firm franchise owner is you will be able to Hire coaches and a team to duplicate your efforts, just like any other business that can operate without the owner(s). You also have the ability to purchase more territories close by to grow your reach in your region. 

Overall, an ActionCOACH Firm has a short sales cycle that quickly builds upon itself without the need of managing an inventory, a large complex, or the handling of receivables, so you can maintain a high profit margin. This Franchise Model offers time and money. You can work less and make more.

Why ActionCOACH

  • Start Earning Day 1- Everything is set up for you to hit the ground running immediately and start seeing a return on your investment.
  • Fantastic ROI- You’ll be offering professional in-demand services with industry-leading fees in an environment with a high percentage of repeat business, low overhead, low competition, no inventory, and no cost of goods sold.
  • Be A Community Leader- As a franchise owner you’ll be working closely as a leader with other movers and shakers in your community.
  • World Class Training & Support- Our START-UP training program has had over 25 years of proven success.
  • Scalability- Our framework and tools make it simple to add more coaches to your team and fully utilize their value.  We can also help owners scale up to multiple territories.

  • Leave A Legacy & Make A Difference- As a leader of leaders, you’ll be helping to make a positive impact in the lives of business owners, their customers, their employees, and their families.
  • Powerful Startup Coaching- You will collaborate with a seasoned and accomplished global master coach during your first 4-6 months.   Additionally, your local support staff will help you with your grand opening/launch celebration, peer collaboration, and continuous coaching.
  • Proven Business System- ActionCOACH provides a complete business building model to get clients, retain them, and further expand your business.
  • Your Cash Flow- Your franchise will have multiple revenue streams developed from one-time and recurring business from a loyal client base that is willing to pay in advance for the value you provide.
  • Your Personal Growth- When you’re constantly growing you’re constantly learning!  Especially with other franchise partners, your clients, and our Global Thought Leaders at your side.
  • Your Contribution- You’ll offer value to people and your community. You’ll motivate, inspire, and expand their enterprises and futures. Your firm will establish a great client base and give back to the community while being well-rewarded.
  • Your Future- The world of business coaching and your partnership with ActionCOACH will open the doors to your entrepreneurial future.


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