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The value of business coaching is being recognized now more than ever.  Small business owners understand the importance of having a mentor that can consistently help them expand their knowledge, grow their business, and strategically maneuver during times of turbulenceBrad Sugars sits down with business coach Karren Kaufmann to discuss the current state of the industry and the value coaching provides.

You can start a coaching business for yourself, but why start by yourself?  By becoming a franchise owner you can skip all the hard work trying to get off the ground by leveraging the knowledge of an existing brand, their systems, and their knowledge.

Business Coaching Is Booming

What Is It?

    • A high margin, scalable business coaching franchise that allows you to build your Firm through your Team. You can also expand to multiple adjacent territories, install a management team to run the business day-to-day and ultimately exit the business to create a wealth event.
    • Tools and knowledge that allow you to maintain an industry exclusive guarantee your firm can optimize every aspect of a business and provide industry leading ROI to fellow owners in your community
    • An industry with low competition, high demand, and the sustainability to grow your team, expand your territory, and establish a management team to run the daily operations so you can create another avenue of wealth

Who is it for?

    • Strong leaders who are motivated to make a difference, enthusiastic about the many aspects of business development, and at ease and confident when interacting directly with other business leaders and important decision-makers
    • Business execs who are over the monotony of the corporate world and desire to utilize their skills and experience to add value to local businesses, help owners grow, and sustain a viable source of income and ROI
    • Entrepreneurs seeking a high-growth investment that can contribute directly to their existing portfolio

How does it make money?

    • The main revenue stream, outside of the hourly model, is the Membership Model. Within your territory or territories, it takes about 80-85 local business members to generate a $1,000,000/yr business.

    • Hourly Model Businesses pay a monthly retainer in advance for their selected services, establishing a client relationship that can last for several months or years- driving profitability through recurring revenue.
    • A short sales cycle that quickly builds upon itself without the need of managing an inventory, a large complex, or the handling of receivables so you can maintain a high profit margin

"I Don't Have Business Experience"

    • You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is one of the most important reasons for partnering with ActionCOACH. You get support, help with systems, marketing, sales, operations, and everything a business needs to thrive.

    • Just copy and paste the system. All this requires is someone with a Business Mindset, Loves to help people, has some professional skills (Sales, Marketing, Admin, etc..)

    • If you don’t have the skills or mindset mentioned above, you just need to be willing to dedicate time to learn these skills that can translate into running a business.

Find Out How To Go Into Business For Yourself But Not By Yourself..

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