How Much Can I Make With Action Coach?

The main revenue stream, outside of the hourly model, is the Membership Model. Within Your’e territory or If you own multiple territories, it takes about 80-85 local businesses to have a $1,000,000/Year business.

Each local business will join this group that meets weekly, monthly and Quarterly. Along with this, they will have online training as well. As the Firm Owner, you don’t have to run these meetings, you can hire coaches to run the meetings for the Firm. This is a franchise so the training, material, Intellectual Property, and 29 year credibility and track record is there.

Just copy and paste the system. All this requires is someone with a Business Mindset, Loves to help people, has some professional skills (Sales, Marketing, Admin, etc..) or willing to dedicate time to learn these skills that can translate into running a business. This Franchise Model offers them time and money. They can work less and make more.

You can realistically make back your initial investment back within the first 12-18 months, and the best part about an ActionCOACH Firm is you will be able to Hire coaches and a team to duplicate your efforts, just like any other business that can operate without the owner(s). You also have the ability to purchase more territories close by to grow your reach in your region. 

Overall, an ActionCOACH Firm has a short sales cycle that quickly builds upon itself without the need of managing an inventory, a large complex, or the handling of receivables, so you can maintain a high profit margin.

Find out more about the potential you have when you invest in an Action Coach Franchise. Go Here to learn more and also watch this review below by one of our Coaches.

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